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While the comment "No wonder vampires are immortal" on of the national geographic blog posts made is funny, it also in a way hits the nail on the head, as young blood seems to have beneficial effects to say the least, it even reverses aging. I can't often enough express how promising, interesting and solution orientated the future will be, the reasonable near future that is.

Will aging become a thing of the past? I am absolutely convinced of it. There will be several ways and approaches that are going to tackle the mechanisms of decay in organisms. Telomeres is another buzz word in DNA replication, whereby a predefined number of copying cycles "naturally" leading to wear and ultimately death can be counteracted.

The article below is probably just on of many ways that will change the dynamics of Nature in unimaginable ways reserved exclusively to the Science fiction world thus far. The only saddening thing is the continued use of animal testing. Hopefully sooner than later risky animal testing will be abolished. 

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