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Difference between Nature and Life

Definition of Nature:

- It is an innate energy that allows the generation of progressive outcomes

Definition of Life:

- It is the result of the energy called Nature


In other words, Nature is a force, while Life is the result of that force.

Nature arrow right Life

Examination of the definition of Nature:

It is important to point out that Nature is an “innate” energy, because it is something that has been there from the beginning, well before humans and other forms of life.  This energy (Nature) produced (living) outcomes (plants, animals and humans). So, what we see, perceive, experience and label Nature are actually products of Nature, not Nature itself. Nature really is just the force behind it all.

We have something interesting to ponder about when it comes to artificial intelligence. The general view is that because artificial intelligence (AI) is a product of humans it is not considered natural. But is this really the case?

What is AI? A product of humans. 

What is a human? A product of Nature. (See What is Nature)

Why is it important to understand that Nature is an innate (coming from within) form of Energy?
It is important to understand and differentiate because otherwise one could argue that AI (artificial intelligence) type products that generate progressive outcomes (with ability to learn and hence progress), could be considered a force itself. However, fact is that AI or any other human generated product is only possible because of the “ultimate” energy called Nature.

Nature arrow right Life arrow right Plants
 arrow right space holder Animals
Humans arrow right Products arrow right AI

Triggered progression can be found everywhere. All types of technological advances, as well as social and behavioural changes in humans. We can also label it evolution. All of it are progressive outcomes and this is what makes Nature so special, because it allows for these progressive outcomes to happen. We take it for granted, but when you think about it, the sum of all interactions doesn’t necessarily have to be progressive (show direction towards improvement or increased complexity). The force Nature provides this essential feature.

We don’t know why or how, but Nature seems to be a force that exists latent in the entire universe. It is everywhere. Once particular conditions (prerequisites) are met, life will form. Some of the necessary conditions may be a planet, particular temperatures and other physical fundamentals and conditions.

At the same time, the realization of Nature being a force opens up more questions. What is behind this energy? Is Nature truly innate or just the result of something greater also? How can something be innate? Isn’t god considered an innate form of power (energy)?

Perhaps one day we can find answers, or at least get a bit closer to solving that mystery.