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What is perfection?

According to Wikipedia Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness. However, Nature is everything but flawless. No doubt, there are many things that are beautiful and very good in terms of function, setting aside the philosophy and meaning about beauty, which represents a separate topic to talk about.

Looking into a valley, observing a waterfall, gazing into a sunset, watching a pretty colorful animal or an attractive person are all situations that generate nice feelings. Looking forward to seeing a loved one or holding them in our arms. No doubt, all these are collectively experienced beautiful moments and aspects in our lives. But what about the not so beautiful side of nature?

Is it beautiful to watch a pack of lions ripping a gazelle apart? Is it beautiful to witness one’s own or someone else’s child to die from an illness, hunger, accident or brutal unprovoked attack? Is it really so nice to grow old, become increasingly dependent and die in the end? Not only that, we are also aware of the fact that we are dying and this is not the most comforting thought to many of us. How many people have a terminal illness and it’s only a matter of short time for them to live? Apart from that, how much do we suffer when our parents, spouses or other close people come to harm or pass away? We don’t even need to go to the extremes of suffering and dying. What is perfect about mosquitoes sucking blood? This is a very annoying feature in nature. Not only can it ruin someone’s day at the lake, terrace or sleep at night. You could also end up with a serious short-term or chronic illness and potentially even end up dead. Who says that a mosquito could only suck blood in order to survive? It could also collect pollen of flowers, suck on oranges or bananas without causing harm or being a disturbance to others. Who says that a lion, eagle, crocodile or shark cannot live on vegetables?

Just because this is how it is does not mean that this was the best and only way to go. Giraffes, elephants, gorillas and horses are an example for animals that can live without eating another individual. A lot of situations in nature could have been a whole lot better, particularly to those who represent easy preys with lots of enemies. Nature is everything, but perfect. So why keep lying to ourselves that it is perfect, when clearly it is not?