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We are told from our childhood onwards by our parents, grandparents, teachers and other adults that nature is beautiful and perfect. This is one of the reasons we are not inclined to question whether this is actually true. After all, these are people with a lot of lifetime experience and they all seem to be of the same opinion about nature being a perfect system. So we take their knowledge for granted and continue their chant.

At the same time we don’t seem to think that there is anything to be questioned as Nature is such an all encompassing astounding and complex phenomenon for which we have no explanation. It is the basis of all life that exists and it’s been there from the very beginning. It is also used as a yardstick to differentiate between natural and unnatural and sometimes even between right and wrong. So it is no surprise to consider a critique of nature ridiculous. To some it is even blasphemous to query nature, as it is the creation of god.

Yes, nature is amazing and many aspects of it are also beautiful and bring joy. However, not everything is great. There is a vast amount of pain and suffering happening on a daily basis. From the perspective of a human being it may all not be so bad, as most of us are not facing situations in which we have to fight for our lives, opposed to many animals that do every day.

But even as humans we are regularly subjected to anguish of some kind. We feel lonely, we become ill, we get injured, our feelings get hurt and we worry about others. Each one of us has experienced this at some point or experiences it right now. And if it is not us directly affected, it’s someone else. As if that wasn’t enough. We also expect to grow old and die, which isn’t a thought that sits comfortably in many of us.

Let’s face it, nature isn’t perfect, it never was and it will be a long time before it will head that way.
If nature was perfect, there would be no kind of “serious” suffering. A least not to the extent of irreversible damage.

Just have a closer look at the stunning mountains, breath taking valleys or the beautiful oceans. It is a battlefield out there. People always look at things from their own limited, human being perspective which just happens to be on the top of the food chain. Try imagining you were something else and you get a different picture about how the world truly is for the majority of living beings. Try to imagine you were a duck, seal, boar, toad, gazelle or any other animal that gets hunted and harassed. There is no equilibrium. We think that everything is reasonably great because we don’t get affected to the degree as everything else does.

To sum it up, NATURE SUCKS, big time. This is not a pessimistic view, just a look at how things really are in the greater scheme of things.