To sum it up, there is really no need to have negative experiences with serious consequences. Each one of us would try to avoid them if we knew the outcome beforehand. Surely, there are negative experiences and emotions that aren’t life threatening or have long term positive effects. However, this applies only to those that are in essence “not really” negative, because they eventually turn into positives.

Examples of experiences that may be considered “temporarily” (short-term) negative:

The breakup of a relationship may be heart breaking at first and the pain lasting for many months and even years. However, if another person enters someone’s life down the track where compatibility and satisfaction are at least equal or perhaps even greater than experienced in the relationship before, than the feelings of the past will be perhaps remembered, but not considered painful anymore. Moreover, one could be even thankful, because if the breakup would not have happened, she/he would never have met their more compatible partner at a later point. Of course it doesn’t have to necessarily pan out this way. It is just an example you can hopefully relate to. After all, there are also other meaningful and enjoyable experiences to be made, that don’t necessarily require a new partner. It is not uncommon for people to be living reasonably content without a permanent companion for the rest of their lives. A good circle of friends, a fulfilling job, recreational interests, children or simply greater maturity, providing a different outlook on life, could all be reasons to remain content. A bad childhood with a lack of love and unpleasant experiences may also be felt as painful. However, if later life turns out to be satisfactory, then the present may be more intensely cherished and every good moment more appreciated, as one is subconsciously comparing the different states. Unfortunately, there are also experiences, which offer no hope or positive outcomes at some point later.

Examples of truly negative experiences (point of no return) are the following:

The loss and death of a loved one can without doubt be considered a 100% negative experience. There is nothing positive about grief, even if the, to us important, individual has died of old age and “natural” causes. There are also instances whereby death occurs through illness, accidents and circumstances that could have been potentially avoided. Not to mention those killed through the hand of others. The people left behind will always carry a level of pain in their heart for the rest of their lives. Getting a serious chronic illness, being subjected to induced suffering, killing and eating each other certainly don’t represent beneficial life experiences.

This topic is raised in relation to nature in order to become aware that we don’t have to accept negativity as a necessary and absolute unavoidable part of nature. Have another look at what nature is, in case you have not fully understood the description or skipped the chapter “What is nature?”

Nature essentially is “just” a driving force that allows progressive outcomes to occur. Nature doesn’t really care whether or not negative aspects exist in life. States like black and white, hot and cold, pleasure and pain are of no relevance to Nature as a force.

How much negativity is needed in order to feel appreciative of positive emotions? Isn’t it sufficient to know that negativity exists and that a situation could be potentially a lot worse? We really don’t have a reason to accept any “serious” negativity of any type. We may seem powerless, because there is so much, over which we have little or no control. However, often it is due to seemingly little things that have big impact. In this case it is just the awareness that “negativity is not an essential” part of life, it is something that is still common place, but “not” a necessity as frequently assumed.

You may still think that this knowledge doesn’t really change much, because bad things will happen, regardless of what we think and what we want to experience. But this isn’t really the case. This is what is meant with small changes having great impact. Your behaviour changes depending on what you know and believe. If you believe that there is nothing you or anyone else can do other than accept things as they are, than “NOTHING” will happen. A seemingly small thing like a thought can have powerful consequences. It all begins with a thought, this is why it is so incredibly important what you think and believe, because your thoughts translate into action, or the lack of it.

Every single progressive change you see and are able to experience it due to the fact that people overall, didn’t simply accept things as they were. If it was the case, we’d still be living culturally and socially under the same conditions as humans have lived thousands of years ago. It is the very nature of nature to progress and improve. Since humans are part of nature, it is the nature of being human to improve upon prior conditions. This includes everything, without any exceptions. Try not to think just of technological advances like mobile phones, computers, cars, TV’s and other means of technological innovations. Nursing homes, hospitals, the education and legal system and the millions of supportive organizations all over the world are all the current result of not accepting past circumstance. Also attitudes and perceptions have changed. Human rights, women rights, same sex relationship rights, freedom of religion and even animal rights were and still are all areas that are subject to change. Our ancestors did not want to accept the associated negativity and thus made attempts and found ways to turn a multitude of negative aspects into positive outcomes.

No doubt there is still so much to do and you may be eager to claim that not only good things have come from this so called progress. Famine, exploitation and a tremendous amount of suffering still exists today. And yes, it can be wholeheartedly agreed. This is the reason why this text was written. In fact, this is why the entire site was brought to life. So you become aware that You are a powerful being, who can change things substantially for the better. Even the imperfect aspects of Nature, simply because You are part of Nature. Let’s not forget that others did it before us, that others are doing it right now and that this progressive energy continues indefinitely into the future. The sooner You understand this, the sooner You will change your view of the world, the sooner You will become an active participant in this process.

So, what’s the conclusion to the question “Do we have to accept negative aspects in life?”

No, we don’t and we never have. The human species keeps fighting on to eliminate negativity wherever possible. It’s nature, not to accept, but to improve upon itself indefinitely.