Everybody thinks that nature is the way it is and couldn’t be any other way

Yes, nature is the way it is (See What is nature) and the power and phenomena of nature itself will likely remain the same, however, the outcome and interaction of nature, which is the important part to living beings, keeps changing. No matter how nature is “right now”, it can and “it will” be different in the future just as it went through changes in the past.

Everything that belongs to nature has evolved over time. There is no end to it…unless the world ceases to exist. But even if that was the case; it would start all over again, sometime, somewhere, somehow. Eventually we (or others like us) would end up in the same or similar situation as we are now. “We” as part of nature are crucial elements in determining what direction nature will take from now. The sooner we understand this, the sooner we can implement pro-active changes that will significantly reduce suffering on others.

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