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We hope you can enjoy this somewhat different take on nature. At first it may appear a bit confronting and strange, but once you verify the issues brought up for yourself, you are more likely to understand and perhaps even agree.

The primary aim is to encourage critical thought. Nature to this day is free of criticism and by enlarge exempt from any examination. It is brutal, unforgiving and everything else but perfect and yet considered brilliant by most. We don’t see a justified reason for that.

It is not our intention to point out the flaws of nature just for the sake of exposing it. What is much more important and what you should take with you is, that You are someone who “can” effectively and substantially improve the imperfect aspects of nature.

The sooner we understand this, the sooner we can apply the needed changes that are responsible for a tremendous amount of suffering that exists today. This in turn will better the life for all living beings, including ourselves. Because with every attempt and with every successful change we are moving a step closer to the perfect world we so much desire…