Nature cannot be controlled by humans

It is popular held belief that nature cannot be controlled by humans, but is it really true?

Are humans not using means of birth control? Do people abort pregnancies or deliver babies via cesarean methods? Do people take medications to control or get rid of illnesses? Have people brought animals and plants into regions that “naturally” would not have existed in those areas. Do plants, vegetables and fruits grow in areas where naturally there would fall no rain, but only exist because people plant them there and water them artificially and take care of them? Has human induced global warming no effect on nature?

As you can see nature is most certainly affected by what humans do and don’t do. Over some things we have better control (i.e. birth control, illnesses) and over some things less (i.e. global warming). But there can be no doubt that we have impact, a certain amount of control over our surrounds, our environment. Everything around us is nature. We are natural beings and we are controlling tons of aspects every day. More importantly, with every day that goes by our ability to actively engage, participate and take control over nature increases.

Twelve thousand years ago there were hardly any medicines (at least not like today), no agriculture and no birth control. No traveling over large distance, no electronics and technological communication and no human induced global warming and yet humans already had impact on nature back then. If it wasn’t the case, we would never have reached the current state of development.

Of course the impact by humans back then was minimal in comparison to what is happening now. Now we have a great range of options to conduct medical operations and are able to offer high-tech cancer treatments in hospitals. There are a variety of means of birth control for humans. Many millions of cats and dogs and other animals are de-sexed these days and the number keeps rising. All of this is interference with nature. This is happening now to a much larger extend than in the past. We have to become aware of the fact that we have tremendous impact on nature. To say there is nothing we can do, particularly in present times, is not true.


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