Most people do not question nature

Humans increasingly question all kinds of phenomena, but for some reason nature to this day seems to be exempt. In our opinion however, it is very important to question it. Because when we do, we realize that it isn’t as perfect as it is all made out to be and this in turn could encourage us to get more pro-actively involved and improve on the things that need to.

Nature has been there from the very beginning and has brought out so many amazing things. Diverse plants, animals and humans. Wind, water, fire, a climate and countless other conditions that seem to work in tune, all things we have no explanation for. Yes, nature has been here way before us. But what is that really telling us, nothing other than that we are part of something. Nobody would claim that a human being, animal or plant is perfect. Some aspects maybe, at least it seems that way. Why should it be any different with nature? The fact that humans’ aren’t perfect should clearly indicate to us that nature isn’t perfect. After all, we are all part of it.

It is also true that we don’t have an explanation for many things that exist. At the same time we do have many more answers than we used to have and as time passes our knowledge about the world we live in will become much more comprehensive.


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