People compare everything they create themselves to nature and realize that there is a large gap between what they are able to do and what already exists since millennia

Our amazement is understandable when we are trying to copy or build something that just closely resembles something in nature and it turns out to be not as good or impossible to produce. But all this really proves is that we are not perfect or intellectually capable of doing something that already exists, NOTHING ELSE.

It would be like saying: I cannot make an apple strudel as good as granny does, therefore she is perfect, or more importantly “everything she does” is perfect. This obviously isn’t true and yet this is how we define and experience nature. I am sure people were amazed many thousand years ago about lightning and thunder also. These were probably acts of mighty gods. Why, because they had no alternative explanations. So they made up their stories and filled in the gap where logic and the ability to explain failed.We are in a way still doing the same today, despite the enormous amount of information available to us!


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