We were told since childhood that nature is perfect

“Look at these beautiful flowers and those pretty birds”. “It takes only a sperm and an egg to create life.” Isn’t it amazing what the human mind is capable off? Isn’t it all brilliant, astounding and wonderful?” We’ve heard this since we were kids. Surely, it is all amazing, at least to us humans, but is it perfect? Is it even “just” reasonably good? This is the central question!

Just because we don’t know why we are here or that it only takes a sperm and an egg (in essence, obviously there is more to it) to create another human being or animal? Is it really enough to assume that just because everything around us “appears” to be balanced, that nature is perfect? It very much seems that way.

A television or computer is pretty amazing too, but nobody would claim it is perfect, especially when it is not working. Some of you may be a bit more liberal and think “Nature may not be as perfect as it is all hyped up to be, but it’s still pretty good. After all, fact is we, animals and plants to exist. Yes we do exist and yes some situations and things are really enjoyable or great to look at, but that is not to say that nature is perfect. After all this is what everyone is thinking, when in fact as long as suffering exists it is not even close to being reasonably good.

Does nature have to be perfect? No, nature and life doesn’t have to be perfect; however, it could take place with a lot less “needless” suffering. And that is the point. There is a lot of needless suffering going on in this world right now and it has been like that from the very beginning. Nothing perfect about that! Don’t you agree?


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