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About Nature Sucks


Nature Sucks is about creating awareness that Nature is not as perfect as commonly conditioned and perceived. We are promoting a healthy sense of skepticism by looking at the world and its phenomena (NATURE) as it really is, rather than just accepting the cruel and negative aspects of nature. In this process one should be encouraged and motivated to contribute in making this world a better place for all.

You are welcome to read the chapters published on this site and see what you agree and disagree with. Feel free to voice your opinion in the forum section, where you will find a forum topic dedicated to each chapter. You will also find other topics that you can read and discuss.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to help inprove the quality and growth of the content published on this site. We are not affiliated to any religious or spiritual organisations. Our aim is to adhere to scientific standards, by presenting factual information based on shared collective experiences and observations that can be easily related to.