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Most people do not question nature

Humans increasingly question all kinds of phenomena, but for some reason nature to this day seems to be exempt. In our opinion however, it is very important to question it. Because when we do, we realize that it isn’t as perfect as it is all made out to be and this in turn could encourage us to get more pro-actively involved and improve on the things that need to.

Nature has been there from the very beginning and has brought out so many amazing things. Diverse plants, animals and humans. Wind, water, fire, a climate and countless other conditions that seem to work in tune, all things we have no explanation for. Yes, nature has been here way before us. But what is that really telling us, nothing other than that we are part of something. Nobody would claim that a human being, animal or plant is perfect. Some aspects maybe, at least it seems that way. Why should it be any different with nature? The fact that humans’ aren’t perfect should clearly indicate to us that nature isn’t perfect. After all, we are all part of it.

It is also true that we don’t have an explanation for many things that exist. At the same time we do have many more answers than we used to have and as time passes our knowledge about the world we live in will become much more comprehensive.


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People compare everything they create themselves to nature and realize that there is a large gap between what they are able to do and what already exists since millennia

Our amazement is understandable when we are trying to copy or build something that just closely resembles something in nature and it turns out to be not as good or impossible to produce. But all this really proves is that we are not perfect or intellectually capable of doing something that already exists, NOTHING ELSE.

It would be like saying: I cannot make an apple strudel as good as granny does, therefore she is perfect, or more importantly “everything she does” is perfect. This obviously isn’t true and yet this is how we define and experience nature. I am sure people were amazed many thousand years ago about lightning and thunder also. These were probably acts of mighty gods. Why, because they had no alternative explanations. So they made up their stories and filled in the gap where logic and the ability to explain failed.We are in a way still doing the same today, despite the enormous amount of information available to us!


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God created it all...


God created it all and since god is perfect everything god created must be perfect. There are many in this world, regardless of what religion they belong to, who believe in the existence of god. And since god is perfect the natural world that has been created must be perfect also. Therefore, a religious person is very unlikely to question nature, because to question nature would equal questioning god.There are also people who do not hold particular religious views but still have an interest in spirituality. To them Nature holds a special position also and is proof of a divine existence.

 Even non-religious people are not encouraged to question nature as it is universally perceived to be perfect for some of the reasons listed on Page 1. Those who do not believe in the existence of god, surely have no doubt that nature exists. Not only that, it seems to exist very well; at least that’s the perception for the majority of people. We also depend 100% on nature and are the result of its magic. Consequently, even people with no interest in spirituality and religion have no reason to question nature.

The topic of religion and spirituality in association with nature is brought up because it nicely demonstrates the logic thought process that is applied, if A then B. If god (A) exists, (which it does in the minds of a believer), then B (Nature) must be perfect. However, what if A is not true, or at least uncertain? Well, then nature would not be perfect by default, but through experience and observation. In other words each one of us is capable to verify this to be true or not. From this standpoint one is free to examine, judge and evaluate Nature, rather than succumb to the logic trap of “If A then B”.

It is not irrelevant to understand that a religious or spiritually inclined person is more likely to take nature for what it is without criticism. It is after all in the minds of many the design of a higher ordered intelligence and power who of course would know best what nature should be like. You may think that accepting nature as it is isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, passivity is only good as long as harm is not a direct or indirect outcome. To accept nature as it is, would mean that we as awareness capable human beings support suffering and intend to do nothing to eliminate it where we can. Unfortunately doing nothing can mean that others continue to suffer. And it is exactly this suffering, which is the big flaw in nature.

People of African descent had to suffer at the hands of those who considered themselves to be of a superior race. Until an increasing amount of individuals questioned this and the rightfulness of keeping human beings as slaves. Same applies to everything else we consider an advancement in civilization. Women rights, child protection, a legal system, health and aged care and so forth. One could have easily made the argument there also and assumed it is part of nature to suppress, dominate, take advantage of others or let them die of an illness without any intervention. After all, the entire animal world and even many humans still behave according to the concept of “Survival of the fittest”.

What’s not natural about suppression, domination, and the infliction of harm? It happens every day! When it happens to animals we say it is part of nature. And since nature is astonishing and many aspects of it are by in large beautiful to humans, it must be beautiful to everyone! But is it really?

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We were told since childhood that nature is perfect

“Look at these beautiful flowers and those pretty birds”. “It takes only a sperm and an egg to create life.” Isn’t it amazing what the human mind is capable off? Isn’t it all brilliant, astounding and wonderful?” We’ve heard this since we were kids. Surely, it is all amazing, at least to us humans, but is it perfect? Is it even “just” reasonably good? This is the central question!

Just because we don’t know why we are here or that it only takes a sperm and an egg (in essence, obviously there is more to it) to create another human being or animal? Is it really enough to assume that just because everything around us “appears” to be balanced, that nature is perfect? It very much seems that way.

A television or computer is pretty amazing too, but nobody would claim it is perfect, especially when it is not working. Some of you may be a bit more liberal and think “Nature may not be as perfect as it is all hyped up to be, but it’s still pretty good. After all, fact is we, animals and plants to exist. Yes we do exist and yes some situations and things are really enjoyable or great to look at, but that is not to say that nature is perfect. After all this is what everyone is thinking, when in fact as long as suffering exists it is not even close to being reasonably good.

Does nature have to be perfect? No, nature and life doesn’t have to be perfect; however, it could take place with a lot less “needless” suffering. And that is the point. There is a lot of needless suffering going on in this world right now and it has been like that from the very beginning. Nothing perfect about that! Don’t you agree?


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Why everyone thinks Nature is perfect


     There are many reasons why people think nature is perfect. Here are some of them:


- God created it all...


- We were told since childhood that nature is perfect


- People compare everything they create to nature and realize...


- Most people do not question nature


- Nature has been there from the very beginning


- Nature cannot be controlled by humans


- Everything humans create is not natural


- Everybody thinks that nature couldn’t be any other way



Let's look at the reasons in a bit more detail