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Everything humans create is not natural


People seem to make easily distinctions between what is natural and what isn’t. The common assumption is that everything that already exists in nature is natural. On the other hand, everything humans create is not. The only exception to this is the process and result of human procreation, a child. But even there humans aren’t consciously involved or being creative as such. They just follow a “natural existing” instinct which can bring about a child as a result.


What are the things humans really do create?


Humans create cars, hand bags, artificial teeth, medicines, clothes, electronic devices, furniture, computers, computer programs and adult toys. There are so many things that humans can create and all of it, because it doesn’t pre-exist in nature, would be considered unnatural.

And yet, hardly anybody refuses to use these day to day items. Some things we totally depend upon, medicines for example and yet we take them when we feel that we have to in order to control an illness. Overall we not only accept “un-natural” products in our day to day lives, we even love or cherish some of the artificially produced goods like clothes, cars, jewelry and the latest tech gadgets.Not only do these items fulfill a need or purpose, they can also bring joy.


I just like to point this out in order to make you realise that not everything we do is bad. Many created things are positive rather than negative. That often tends to be forgotten, when we are regularly confronted with the ill effects of our doings, such as pollution, over-consumption or dependencies on products such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.


The next step would be to determine whether all these artificially man made produced goods are really unnatural. Yes, we can make a distinction between what nature “naturally” provides and what humans produce. But isn’t the distinction between “natural” and “unnatural” actually just a distinction between manmade and not manmade? Because when you think about it, what do all these artificially made not naturally occurring items consist of? Exactly that! Natural elements!

It is only the way natural occurring elements are used and processed that we get those assumed unnatural goods. But they are really still the same, just changed. Strictly speaking, it’s just a transformation of compounds, nothing else.

The difference between animals and humans is that we use our advanced brains, sophisticated tools and learned skills when we build things. If animals would know how to mix up concrete or weld steel, sure they would do it too in order to build sturdy homes or keep predators out. It’s just the “know how” that is missing. So, really, what human’s do is natural also! Humans behave according to the “naturally” occurring economic principle, which is to reach a particular goal with the least amount of effort. This is what virtually any living being does. We just have different abilities and skills that enable us to do so. So we need to ask ourselves whether it is really unnatural to build something that doesn’t already exist in nature, but exists of natural elements. After all, everything there is, even if it was taken out from the cosmos somewhere, is in essence natural also.Cosmic dust is natural too. The bottom line is, everything is natural…or else it wouldn’t exist.

Not only that, our drive to change and create things alone should be considered natural. After all this is the energetic power that encourages us to create the things we have. Since there can be no doubt that we can and constantly influence our surrounds, our efforts should be directed at having impact and controlling nature as positively as we possibly can with all knowledge and means currently available to us.

For those who are not convinced with this style of argument there is another angle to look at things. It doesn’t matter whether human creations are considered natural. Fact is we can influence our environment, people, animals and plants, in positive ways. This is what we should be aware of.

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Nature cannot be controlled by humans

It is popular held belief that nature cannot be controlled by humans, but is it really true?

Are humans not using means of birth control? Do people abort pregnancies or deliver babies via cesarean methods? Do people take medications to control or get rid of illnesses? Have people brought animals and plants into regions that “naturally” would not have existed in those areas. Do plants, vegetables and fruits grow in areas where naturally there would fall no rain, but only exist because people plant them there and water them artificially and take care of them? Has human induced global warming no effect on nature?

As you can see nature is most certainly affected by what humans do and don’t do. Over some things we have better control (i.e. birth control, illnesses) and over some things less (i.e. global warming). But there can be no doubt that we have impact, a certain amount of control over our surrounds, our environment. Everything around us is nature. We are natural beings and we are controlling tons of aspects every day. More importantly, with every day that goes by our ability to actively engage, participate and take control over nature increases.

Twelve thousand years ago there were hardly any medicines (at least not like today), no agriculture and no birth control. No traveling over large distance, no electronics and technological communication and no human induced global warming and yet humans already had impact on nature back then. If it wasn’t the case, we would never have reached the current state of development.

Of course the impact by humans back then was minimal in comparison to what is happening now. Now we have a great range of options to conduct medical operations and are able to offer high-tech cancer treatments in hospitals. There are a variety of means of birth control for humans. Many millions of cats and dogs and other animals are de-sexed these days and the number keeps rising. All of this is interference with nature. This is happening now to a much larger extend than in the past. We have to become aware of the fact that we have tremendous impact on nature. To say there is nothing we can do, particularly in present times, is not true.


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People compare everything they create themselves to nature and realize that there is a large gap between what they are able to do and what already exists since millennia

Our amazement is understandable when we are trying to copy or build something that just closely resembles something in nature and it turns out to be not as good or impossible to produce. But all this really proves is that we are not perfect or intellectually capable of doing something that already exists, NOTHING ELSE.

It would be like saying: I cannot make an apple strudel as good as granny does, therefore she is perfect, or more importantly “everything she does” is perfect. This obviously isn’t true and yet this is how we define and experience nature. I am sure people were amazed many thousand years ago about lightning and thunder also. These were probably acts of mighty gods. Why, because they had no alternative explanations. So they made up their stories and filled in the gap where logic and the ability to explain failed.We are in a way still doing the same today, despite the enormous amount of information available to us!


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Most people do not question nature

Humans increasingly question all kinds of phenomena, but for some reason nature to this day seems to be exempt. In our opinion however, it is very important to question it. Because when we do, we realize that it isn’t as perfect as it is all made out to be and this in turn could encourage us to get more pro-actively involved and improve on the things that need to.

Nature has been there from the very beginning and has brought out so many amazing things. Diverse plants, animals and humans. Wind, water, fire, a climate and countless other conditions that seem to work in tune, all things we have no explanation for. Yes, nature has been here way before us. But what is that really telling us, nothing other than that we are part of something. Nobody would claim that a human being, animal or plant is perfect. Some aspects maybe, at least it seems that way. Why should it be any different with nature? The fact that humans’ aren’t perfect should clearly indicate to us that nature isn’t perfect. After all, we are all part of it.

It is also true that we don’t have an explanation for many things that exist. At the same time we do have many more answers than we used to have and as time passes our knowledge about the world we live in will become much more comprehensive.


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We were told since childhood that nature is perfect

“Look at these beautiful flowers and those pretty birds”. “It takes only a sperm and an egg to create life.” Isn’t it amazing what the human mind is capable off? Isn’t it all brilliant, astounding and wonderful?” We’ve heard this since we were kids. Surely, it is all amazing, at least to us humans, but is it perfect? Is it even “just” reasonably good? This is the central question!

Just because we don’t know why we are here or that it only takes a sperm and an egg (in essence, obviously there is more to it) to create another human being or animal? Is it really enough to assume that just because everything around us “appears” to be balanced, that nature is perfect? It very much seems that way.

A television or computer is pretty amazing too, but nobody would claim it is perfect, especially when it is not working. Some of you may be a bit more liberal and think “Nature may not be as perfect as it is all hyped up to be, but it’s still pretty good. After all, fact is we, animals and plants to exist. Yes we do exist and yes some situations and things are really enjoyable or great to look at, but that is not to say that nature is perfect. After all this is what everyone is thinking, when in fact as long as suffering exists it is not even close to being reasonably good.

Does nature have to be perfect? No, nature and life doesn’t have to be perfect; however, it could take place with a lot less “needless” suffering. And that is the point. There is a lot of needless suffering going on in this world right now and it has been like that from the very beginning. Nothing perfect about that! Don’t you agree?


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